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The Family Assessment

Happy Girl with Glasses

The Purpose of a Family Assessment is to identify the needs within families with multiple problems

In any family whereby the mother is ill or disabled, the child is likely to take on a caring role of some form, even if it were only for a short amount of time.  If the family is a single parent family, then the role that the child carer takes is far more pronounced, the amount of time given will depend

upon the need.  If the child is disabled and the parent is disabled there is still a need for each to be cared for, especially if they do not receive enough support from outside agencies.

When performing a family assessment, in a family whereby a parent is ill or disabled, it is essential to formerly identify the roles that are played within the family unit.  This is more important when the child or children is/are disabled.  It does not matter the age, the disability, or the circumstance, if there is a parent in the house that is ill or disabled that child will naturally take on a caring role. The family naturally develops resilience, adapting naturally to their challenges. 

During the family assessment, the roles within the family need to be formerly defined in order to ensure that the appropriate support can be achieved for all.

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