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Our Vision, Our Mission

Connate Support Community Interest Company: Our Vision, Mission, Strategy and Values


Our Vision `

A world where people are free from the fear, harm and heartbreak of substances that can cause birth defects. That every substance with the potential to harm the foetus becomes identified, and every person affected gets the care and support that they need.


Our Mission

To help people and families affected by substances that have crossed the placenta to harm the foetus. To provide information, support and guidance. We promote the safe use of medicines and patient empowerment through education and training. 


Our Values   

We have a shared set of values and behaviours that will that lead the way in everything we do. These are:

  • Compassion - We care and offer support without judgment in a dignified way. 

  • Collaboration- Connect with as many people or organisations to improve the lives of people and families affected by substances that have crossed the placenta to harm the foetus. 

  • Integrity- We are honest and remain true to our mission & vision. 

  • Respect- We take a non-judgemental approach and respect an individual's choices and decisions.


Our Strategy 

Our values, combined with our vision and mission, helped us define our strategy, which is to: 

  • To support people with physical, emotional and mental health problems due to birth defects, promote wellness and improve the quality of life for patients and their families.

  • To empower people, providing them with information that enables them to make informed choices. 

  • To help people find the right services and support, at the right time, this brings families closer together so that they can live with minimal stress and negative social impact. 

  • To help people to participate in society and to lead normal lives by removing any inequality of opportunities due to physical, emotional and mental health and other forms of discrimination.

  • To make the most of our organisation's assets, building a network of a culture of excellence.

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