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Nargis Ara Ranaldi

Medical Affairs Advisor

Nargis is a healthcare & pharmaceutical industry advisor and independent consultant. She specialises in medical affairs; medical governance, ethics & compliance, and is an avid public health ambassador. She is an advocate of challenging the the status quo to drive healthcare

innovation and encourage progress.


A UK registered pharmacist, Nargis’ career spans a broad range of healthcare sectors and organisations. She started off taking care of patients as a clinical pharmacist in NHS hospitals. She then moved into to academic research & development, healthcare & business consulting, and eventually into leadership roles within corporate pharmaceutical and biotech companies. A forward thinker and dexterous problem solver, Nargis enjoys developing and implementing innovative solutions for complex business issues.


Having been involved in fundraising and charity work for most of her adult life, Nargis is passionate about enhancing public safety and patient healthcare outcomes. She is currently working on an initiative to resolve important safety issues with how the public use the internet and make decisions regarding their health and medical treatment.

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