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Patient Information Leaflet (PIL)

You will find information about the possible side effects of medicine you take in the PIL or Patient Information Leaflet.  You will find this inside the box  that your medicine comes in.  If you cannot find it, ask your pharmacist

A patient information leaflet includes the following information:

     1.  What the medicine is and what it is used for

     2. What you need to know before you receive this medicine

     3. How this medicine is given

     4. Possible side effects

     5. How to store this medicine 

     6. Contents of the pack and other information

The side effects shown on a patient leaflet have either been spotted during pre-clinical research or clinical trials.  Unfortunately some side effects don’t show up during this process so it is important that possible side effects are reported by medical professionals and patients.  These are what are shown on a patient leaflet.

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