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Championing Medicine Safety





Clinical Medicine Review 





In response to the Thalidomide Tragedy  medicine safety came to the forefront, The Committee on the Safety of Drugs was set up. A new, ground breaking scheme for reporting adverse drug reactions: The yellow Card Scheme. 

It was another teratogen: Sodium Valproate, that sent a shock wave through the world that created many core changes in the way that medicine safety is approached around the world. 

One of the principles it bought forward was the importance of informed choice:  to ensure that patients are given the information that they need to enable the patient to make decisions about their own wellbeing.

At Connate Support Community Interest Company we understand the importance of taking medication for the purpose of one's wellbeing, and in some cases, as a life saving measure.  We also believe that it is important for a woman to have the understanding and knowledge in order to be able to make decisions about their life choices to ensure the wellbeing of the mother, her baby and her family. 

Medicine Prescription


Why would you report

An Adverse Drug Reaction


Using the Yellow Card

to report an Adverse Drug Reaction

The Thalidomide Tragedy Bought Bout a new awareness of teratogenic substances.  A teratogen is a substance that can cross the placenta and can affect a developing foetus. 

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